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Trench Grates – Galvanised Trench Drains

Trench Grates – Galvanised Trench Drains

Galvanised trench grates offer a durable and efficient solution for water drainage and management systems. Fabricated from high-quality steel, these grates undergo a galvanisation process that coats them with a protective layer of zinc. This method not only enhances their resistance to corrosion but also extends their lifespan significantly. With the capability to withstand harsh environmental conditions, galvanised trench grates become an ideal choice for various infrastructure projects.

Civilcast Trench Grates are available in Class B and Class D and are suitable for drainage solutions. Our trench grates are compliant with Australian Standards AS3996-2019 and are supplied and installed in projects across NSW, VIC, QLD and ACT.

Class B: Private and shared residential property. Suitable for vehicles accessing driveways and footways. Low speed only. Purpose – residential driveways. Unit sites. Parklands. Residential car parks.
Class D: Major roads including freeway and motorway shoulders. Warehouses and loading docks. Purpose – major roads.

We have an extensive range of galvanised Trench Grates and Heelguard Grates also available. With 2 metre frame length and 1 metre grate inserts, the frame can be cut to 1 metre increments on-site where required. With  2 metre frame length and 1 metre grate inserts, the frame can be cut to 1 metre increments on site.

Applications of Glavanised Trench Grates

Galvanised trench grates find their application in a wide range of settings due to their strength and durability. These include public areas like parks and sidewalks, industrial sites where heavy machinery is used, and residential properties for effective stormwater management. The incorporation of stainless steel in specific applications further broadens their usability, allowing for customised solutions that cater to the unique needs of each project.

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150mm Clear Opening Trench Grate & Frame Class B
150mm Clear Opening Trench Grate & Frame Class D
225mm Clear Opening Trench Grate & Frame Class D
300mm Clear Opening Trench Grate & Frame Class D
450mm Clear Opening Trench Grate & Frame Class D

Advantages of Galvanised Trench Grates

The primary advantages of using galvanised trench grates include their enhanced durability and corrosion resistance. The galvanisation process provides an additional layer of protection against the elements, significantly extending the life of these grates. When used in conjunction with stainless steel, the overall strength and resilience of the drainage system are further improved, offering a robust solution for effective water management.

Trench Grating Features for Stormwater Management

For stormwater management, trench grates come equipped with several features that enhance their functionality. Lockable grates ensure security and prevent unauthorized access, while lintels support the structure of the drainage system. Delivery info is readily available for steel trench grates, facilitating efficient planning and installation. These features make trench grates an indispensable component in the design and implementation of effective stormwater management systems.

  • Range of sizes to suit specific installations
  • Easy opening for maintenance
  • Lockable grates
  • Residential and commercial driveway applications
  • Filter debris and leaf litter
  • Manage water runoff
  • Galvanised durable steel grating
  • Available as 2-metre lengths and a range of widths to suit your requirements