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Gatic Lids (Multi-Part Covers)

Gatic Lids (Multi-Part Covers)

Civilcast Gatic Lids (Multi-Part Covers) provide an ideal solution for situations where a large opening in the ground needs to be rendered safe and secure.

The Civilcast Gatic Lid (Muti-Part Cover) is designed and assembled in compliance with Australian Standards.  Made up of an arrangement of single Ductile Iron Covers and supported underneath by an engineered system of removable beams, each multi-part system is factory built, disassembled then supplied in kit form along with detailed installation instructions to the work site.

Talk to our the Civilcast in-house Design Team who can provide advice on any requirement for large access covers for Load Classes B, D and G.

Civilcast’s range of Gatic Lids (Multi-Part Covers), access covers, and grates are designed and manufactured to meet Australian Standards. Compliance with Australian Standards is essential for ensuring the safety and functionality of infrastructure systems.

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The Gatic Lid (Multi-Part Cover) Process


1. Estimating & Procurement

Provide the following critical details to our experienced estimating
and engineering team:

  • Clear opening dimensions
  • Load class required
  • Concrete infill or solid top
  • Chamber type — e.g. insitu pour or precast

Based on the information provided, our team will issue a detailed proposal along with providing guidance on the best solution for your project.


2. Shop Drawing

All Multi-Part Covers are shop drawn and issued for approval. Detailed shop drawings are a critical step to ensuring a quality end result.

3. Fabrication & Assembly

Civilcast’s experienced team fabricate and assemble the Multi-Part Covers to the approved shop drawings. Every Multi-Part Cover is assembled completely in our factory with each part being labeled for ease of assembly on site.

4. Delivery

With an extensive logistics network Civilcast ensures your Multi-Part Cover is delivered on time.