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Step Irons – Plastic Coated & Galvanised

Step Irons – Plastic Coated & Galvanised

Step irons are an essential part of stormwater and sewer drainage systems.  Made from high-strength steel encapsulated in robust hi-vis polypropylene plastic, they’re included in the Civilcast consumable range.

Civilcast plastic encapsulated step irons are manufactured to suit stormwater and sewer application in accordance with Australian Standards.  Safety Yellow in colour, Civilcast plastic step irons also have a non-slip surface on the tread area to satisfy WHS requirements.

In addition to our plastic-coated step irons, we also stock Civilcast Galvanised Step Irons, to meet government utility specifications for stormwater infrastructure.

Galvanised step irons are made from sold deformed bar, which provides a non-slip surface on the tread area.

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Products Description Quantity Quote Request
175mm Step Irons Plastic Coasted Short for In-Situ Manholes
175mm Step Irons Plastic Coasted Long for In-Situ Manholes
375mm Step Irons Plastic Coated
19mm Step Irons Galvanised for Stormwater



Why Work With Civilcast?

As with all our products at Civilcast, our galvanised and plastic step irons meet rigorous Australian standards and are tested in accordance with AS4198-1994.

Our step irons hold the following attributes:

  • Strength of materials suitable for high load bearing 
  • Corrosion resistance suited to long lifespan 
  • Safety characteristics such as high visibility plastic and non-slip finish 

Common manhole step iron applications:

  • Stormwater pits 
  • Communication pits 
  • Sewer Chambers  
  • Valve & utility asset chambers 


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