Pit Risers

Pit Risers

Civilcast Concrete Pit Risers are an excellent solution for increasing the depth of stormwater and gully pits in areas subject to wheel loads up to Class D. Our concrete pit risers are made to increase the depth of a stormwater and gully pit.  

By using precast concrete pit risers, you can avoid the need for excavation or damage to existing infrastructure, which can save time and money on your project. The added depth provided by these risers also offers greater flexibility in meeting drainpipe depth requirements.

Civilcast Concrete Pit Risers are available in a range of sizes to suit standard pit bases and are used to easily extend the height of a standard pit.

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Products Description Quantity Quote Request
PR44 150
450x450x150 RISER
PR44 300
400x400x300 RISER
PR44 450
450x450x450 RISER
PR66 150
600x600x150 RISER
PR66 300
600x600x300 RISER
PR66 450
600x600x450 RISER
PR66 600
600x600x600 RISER
PR96 150
900x600x150 RISER
PR96 300
900x600x300 RISER
PR96 450
900x600x450 RISER
PR96 600
900x600x600  RISER
PR96 900
900x600x900 RISER
PR99 150
900x900x150 RISER
PR99 300
900x900x300 RISER
PR99 450
900x900x450 RISER
PR99 600
900x900x600 RISER
PR99 750
900x900x750 RISER
PR99 900
900x900x900  RISER
PR1209 300
1200x900x300 RISER
PR1209 600
1200x900x600 RISER
PR1209 900
1200x900x900 RISER
PR1212 200
1200x1200x200 RISER
PR1212 300
1200x1200x300 RISER
PR1212 600
1200x1200x600 RISER
PR1212 900
1200x1200x900 RISER
PR1212 1200
1200x1200x1200  RISER
PR1515 300
1500x1500x300 RISER
PR1515 600
1500x1500x600 RISER
PR1515 1200
1500x1500x1200 RISER



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