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Concrete Pit Lids

Concrete Pit Lids

Civilcast Concrete Pit Lids can be a cost-effective and simple solution for closing off a pit where a grate is not required (light duty only). Custom concrete lids are available upon request.

Civilcast Concrete Stormwater Pit Covers are available in five common sizes and can also be custom-made to meet specific requirements. This level of customisation can ensure that the covers fit perfectly and provide the required level of protection for your stormwater pit.

It’s reassuring to know that Civilcast uses high-quality materials in the production of their stormwater pit covers, which not only ensures durability but also compliance with Australian Standards.

Our precast concrete pit lids for stormwater do not affect groundwater or surface water quality.


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545x545x50mm Precast Concrete Lid – Light Duty
695x695x50mm Precast Concrete Lid – Light Duty
990x690x50mm Precast Concrete Lid - Light Duty
990x990x50mm Precast Concrete Lid - Light Duty
1290x1290x50mm Precast Concrete 2 Part Lid - Light Duty