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Gatic Lifter – Lid Lifting Handles & Clutches

Gatic Lifter – Lid Lifting Handles & Clutches

Our short handle Gatic lifters and long handle lid lifters are essential tools on a civil construction site. Designed for the purpose of lifting gatic-style ductile iron covers. Our manhole cover lifters provide easy access to communications, sewer and stormwater pits & chambers.

Also known as mascot keys, lifting keys, lifting handles and lifting tools, our gatic lifters reduce strain and WHS risks through their compact yet powerful design features. The ergonomic handle and simple design favours heavy duty use, perfect for your tool kit.

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Products Description Quantity Quote Request
Lid Lifting Handle, Small - Standard D Handle Cover Lifter
Lid Lifting Handle, Long Shaft - Long Handle Cover Lifter
Swift Lift Clutch / Panel Lifter 1.3 Tonne
Swift Lift Clutch / Panel Lifter 2.5 Tonne
Swift Lift Clutch / Panel Lifter 5.0 Tonne


Why Work With Civilcast

Individual contractors and large construction companies alike rely upon Civilcast for our small and large lifting handles suitable for civil construction, drainage, telecommunications, sewerage, high voltage electrical (HV) site and road work.


Our lid lifters come in two varieties: our small standard D handle lid lifter, and our long shaft long handle lid lifter, and are suitable for most jobs, making them versatile and great value-for-money.
Our lid lifters effortlessly attach and lift heavy manhole covers and can be used with a wide variety of lids. All of our products are Australian safety standards compliant, thereby reducing workplace injury and risk.


At Civilcast, we ensure fast delivery through our warehousing network spanning eastern Australia. We have offices in Sydney, Queensland and Victoria, and can deliver and support our customers nation-wide.

We provide local-quality service coupled with international expertise. We are proud to offer fast delivery with the benefit of local manufacturing to our valued customers.


Our product range isn’t limited to lid lifters! We offer precast and custom concrete lids, stormwater pits, headwalls, kerb entry units, lintels and pit risers along with a wide range of civil consumables, steel and ductile iron products for all infrastructure and construction needs.


We work with individual contractors, small businesses and large-scale national and international companies with diverse specifications.Contact us to purchase our versatile Short D Handle Lid lifters and Long Handle Lid Lid Lifters today.