Reinforced Concrete Pipes ( RCP Pipe )

Reinforced Concrete Pipes ( RCP Pipe )

Civilcast stock steel reinforced concrete pipes (SRCP). Reinforced concrete pipes also called RCP pipe, are precast and available in a range of diameters. They are used for stormwater drainage and other applications which require a high degree of structural integrity.  Manufactured to Australian Standards, our range of precast pipes is suitable for stormwater and sewer applications.

We are a Sydney Water accredited and Quality Assured Company to ISO9001.

Note: Civilcast Precast Concrete Pipe is available for pickup and delivery within the Sydney Metropolitan area.  Concrete Pipe is available for purchase outside this area, however, freight is the responsibility of the purchaser.

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Products Description Quantity Quote Request
Steel Reinforced Concrete RRJ Pipe 375mm x 2.34m Class 4
Steel Reinforced Concrete RRJ Pipe 450mm x 2.34m Class 4
Steel Reinforced Concrete RRJ Pipe 525mm x 2.34m Class 4
Steel Reinforced Concrete RRJ Pipe 600mm x 2.34m Class 4
Steel Reinforced Concrete RRJ Pipe 675mm x 2.34m Class 4
Steel Reinforced Concrete RRJ Pipe 750mm x 2.34m Class 4



Applications for Stormwater and Sewer Precast Concrete Pipes:

  • Stormwater drainage 
  • Sewerage
  • Reservoir water distribution
  • Roadway drainage

Civilcast is a leading supplier of reinforced concrete pipes (RCP) for the construction industry. Our pipes are made from high-quality, durable materials which provides a long-lasting solution for your building needs. Ideal for a range of applications such as water, steel reinforced precast concrete pipes (SRCP) are available in a variety of sizes. Civilcast precast concrete pipes are a time-proven, safe and economical solution for construction of water supply and wastewater systems.

We don’t just stop at pipes, we offer precast concrete and custom concrete lids, stormwater pits, headwalls, kerb entry units, lintels and pit risers along with a wide range of civil consumables, steel and ductile iron products for all infrastructure and construction needs. Get a quote online today for RCP Pipe.



Why Work With Civilcast?

Civilcast is Australia’s leading manufacturer and supplier of stormwater, water and sewer products. Proudly Australian owned, we bring extensive knowledge and civil solutions to the infrastructure industry. We have a manufacturing network spanning eastern Australia, with branches in Sydney, Queensland and Victoria.  With friendly service coupled with large stocks, fast lead times and a wealth of knowledge, Civilcast has you covered for your next civil or infrastructure project.

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