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Galvanised Steel Grate Products

Australia’s Leading Galvanised Steel Grates Supplier

Civilcast has established itself as a leading supplier of galvanised steel grates to the civil, infrastructure and plumbing industries.

Having years of experience and offering large stocks and fast lead times it’s able to provide customers with fast turnaround times to help meet urgent project deadlines and minimise project delays. Additionally, having a large inventory of products ensures customers have access to a wide range of options enabling them to find the right product for their specific needs

Vast Variety of Galvanised Steel Grate Products

Our stormwater drainage grate range includes cast-in, drop-in, hinged grate and frames, sump grates, kerb entry grates, V-Grates, surcharge grates, trench grating, and more.

What’s more if you have custom project requirements our in-house specialist Design Team can work closely with you develop a solution for your specific needs.

Interested in our Galvanised Steel Grate Products Range, but would like some assistance with product selection?

Beware of non-compliant steel covers & grates

You could risk potential liability claims in the event of accident or failure. Request proof of compliance from a reputable and authorised authority. All Civilcast steel covers & grate products are Global-Mark Certified as being compliant with AS3996-2019.

Be compliance sure.

Be Civilcast sure.

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Our Galvanised Steel Grate Products Are for Various Applications

  • Commercial & Industrial Buildings

  • Stormwater Pits

  • Outdoor Walkways

  • Warehouse Floors


When you choose our grating products you benefit from:

  • Heelguard and standard mesh options for enhanced safety in pedestrian areas

  • Hinged grates and frames that enable safe access

  • Lockable grates for creating a secure environment

  • Perfect compatibility with our precast concrete products

  • Effective water flow management to prevent flooding

  • Management of excess runoff

  • Prevention of drain system clogging cuased by leaf litter and debris

  • Custom grates tailored to your specific project requirements.