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Concrete Wheel Stop

Concrete Wheel Stop

Civilcast Precast Concrete Wheel Stops are an important safety feature in public parking spaces.  These wheel stops act as a barrier to prevent vehicles from entering areas such as pedestrian walkways and common areas, improving safety for pedestrians, and reducing the risk of accidents. Heavy Duty Wheel Stops are designed to be highly durable and built to last. They are manufactured using high-quality concrete and comply with Australian Standards, ensuring they can withstand heavy loads and daily wear and tear. Features

  • Meets Australian Standards AS/NZS 2890.1:2004
  • Manufactured from high-quality concrete
  • Civilcast Wheel Stop can be installed on both concrete and asphalt surfaces

The Australian Standard (AS2890-1.2004) for a wheel stop states that it must be 1650mm wide.  Many architects specify 2m concrete wheel stops for public carparks, but builders, clients, and contractors need to be aware that this is a non-compliant wheel stop and they need to discuss with the architect about changing the specification to 1650mm wheel stops.  If the architect is aware of the Australian Standard, they will generally approve the change immediately.

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WS 1650
1650mm (L) x 170mm (W) x 100mm (H) Concrete Wheel Stop
Galvanised Wheel Stop Fastening Pins