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Surcharge Pit Grates

Surcharge Pit Grates

Civilcast Galvanised Surcharge Pit Grates are specifically engineered to handle heavy rainwater flow in areas such as open parklands, verges and earth canals. These grates are designed to cover surcharge pits, which act as collection points for high-volume stormwater intake helping to prevent flooding and waterlogging in areas prone to heavy rainfall.

The design and construction of these grates ensure they can withstand the pressures of both the water and any incidental traffic over them, making them a durable solution in stormwater management systems.

Their robust construction ensures longevity and reliability. The design of surcharge pit grates often includes features that facilitate easy maintenance and cleaning, further contributing to their effectiveness and user-friendliness. They’re available in cast-in and bolt-down options to suit Civilcast Stormwater Pits.

Applications of Surcharge Grates

Surcharge grates and frames are ideal for areas exposed to high volumes of stormwater, offering a proficient solution to manage runoff. These systems are particularly effective in landscaped areas subject to high volumes of water, where they prevent the erosion and flooding that can damage plant life and hardscapes. By integrating into precast stormwater pits, these light-duty frames are perfect for landscaped areas, ensuring that excess water is efficiently captured and directed away from critical zones.

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700x700 Raised Grate & Frame Medium Duty Bolt Down
1000x700 Raised Grate & Frame Medium Duty Bolt Down
1000x1000 Raised Grate & Frame Medium Duty Bolt Down
1400x1400 Raised Grate & Frame Medium Duty Bolt Down
1500x1500 Raised Grate & Frame Medium Duty Bolt Down
Surcharge Grate Cast-In Kit

Advantages of Raised Grates

  • Heavy duty solid bar hinge
  • Pedestrian safe
  • Lockable
  • Australian Standard Compliant


Surcharge Pit for Heavy Rainwater Solutions

For regions that experience significant rainfall, surcharge pits present a robust solution for managing heavy rainwater. These pits, when covered with the appropriate surcharge grates, effectively collect and detain large volumes of water, preventing it from overwhelming the drainage system. The use of temporary fencing around these pits during high rainfall events can further enhance safety, ensuring that the surcharge pits continue to function effectively without posing a hazard to the public.