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Gully Grates

Gully Grates

Gully grates are essential components in the management of surface water drainage. They are strategically placed over gully pits at the side of roads and pedestrian areas to catch runoff water. Made from durable materials like galvanised steel, they withstand the test of time and harsh weather conditions, ensuring that your drainage system remains effective and robust.

Choosing the right gully grate is crucial for the safety and efficiency of a drainage system. Galvanised steel, known for its resistance to rust and corrosion, offers a long-lasting solution that helps maintain the functionality of the drainage system with minimal maintenance. This material choice ensures that grates can handle heavy rainfalls and prevent flooding by allowing water to flow smoothly into the drainage network.Moreover, the design of gully grates is tailored to prevent debris from entering the drainage system while allowing water to pass through. This dual function not only enhances the efficiency of water drainage but also reduces the likelihood of blockages and overflow incidents, making them an indispensable part of any urban infrastructure.

Our Gully Grates comply with the Australian Standards AS3996-2019 and are available in both Skirted and Non-Skirted versions.

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900×450 Standard Gully Grate Class D
900x450 Standard Gully Grate Class D (Newcastle Council Spec)

Applications of Grated Side Entry Pits

Grated side entry pits, designed to be bicycle safe and capable of withstanding significant wheel loading, are an integral component of modern drainage systems.  These features ensure that both cyclists and drivers can navigate roads safely, without the risk of accidents caused by water accumulation or inadequate drainage.


Advantages of Gully Grates

Gully grates made from galvanised steel offer numerous advantages. They are durable, capable of withstanding heavy loads such as those from road gully grates and sump grates. This resilience makes them suitable for areas with high vehicular traffic. Additionally, the use of precast concrete in conjunction with galvanised steel enhances the structural integrity of the drainage system, ensuring a long-lasting and efficient water management solution.