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Roll Kerb Grates – Gutter Kerb Grates – Kerb and Gutter Grates

Roll Kerb Grates – Gutter Kerb Grates – Kerb and Gutter Grates

Galvanised Roll Formed Grating

Civilcast Roll Kerb Grates are designed to integrate with roll kerb guttering used in NSW, Victoria and Queensland and adhere to Local Council and RMS roll kerb specifications. This durable grate offers unmatched resilience against corrosion, ensuring long-term performance. Its design accommodates the roll of the kerb seamlessly, promoting efficient water management. The integration of kerb grates within these systems further underscores their role in maintaining clear, unobstructed pathways for stormwater, thereby safeguarding pedestrian and vehicular safety on city roads.

The lower style rounded drive-over kerb is used in many new housing estates.  Our roll kerb grates are specifically designed to suit the roll of the kerb and are compliant with Class D and Landcom G/F.

Our Roll Kerb Grates are ideal for:

  • Subdivisions
  • Commercial properties
  • Council roads

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Roll Kerb Grate Class D

Navigating Your Selection of Roll Formed Grates


Choosing the right roll formed grates involves considering various factors, including the specific needs of the area, the volume of water to be managed, and the type of traffic the grates will bear. It is important to select kerb grates that offer durability, efficiency in water management, and compatibility with the surrounding infrastructure. Understanding the different options available can help in making an informed decision that ensures optimal performance and longevity.


• Fully galvanised
• All grates are Hinged and Lockable (i.e. bolt down)
• Civilcast Roll Formed Grates are “BICYCLE SAFE” and comply with AS3996
• Meets all load class requirements of AS3996-2019


Length Width Depth Length Width Depth Length Width
GT96D ROLL Roll Kerb Grate Class D 1030 340 75 1030 500 100 900 530