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What to consider when sourcing a Heavy Duty Multi-Part Access Cover

Multi-Part Access Covers, or gatic lids as they’re sometimes known, are an essential part of engineering for safe and thriving communities. As cities and neighborhoods need various underground services, the right infrastructure need to be in place to keep them safe, accessible, and secure. Thankfully, multi-part access covers are designed to make it possible.

These heavy duty multi-part covers are a unique solution, custom manufactured for each application and range in dimensions, features, and functionality. Sourcing a multi-part cover is difficult without an expert team who are experienced in their design and manufacture.

That’s why we developed this guide to get you started. When it’s time, reach out to us for more assistance and advice on designing the right multi-part for your project.

When deciding on what cover you require, think about your unique needs. What is the size of the opening? How much weight should it withstand? What class should it be? What should the surface design be? These questions get you started.

What is a Multi-Part Cover?

Multi-Part Covers are uniquely designed and manufactured covers are combined in multiple rows suitable for a wide range of uses in domestic, commercial and industrial environments. They serve perfectly as an entry point to underground stormwater, sewer systems , as openings to electricity and communications for easy access to cables, wiring and circuits, as well covers, and also as an access point for grease trap valves and junction boxes.

When there is a large opening in the ground that  needs to be rendered safe and secure, a multi-part cover provides the perfect solution. It keeps the opening safe from pedestrians but it is also assessable when a professional needs to work in the underground area.

For example, Civilcast’s multi-part coves are designed and assembled in compliance with Australian Standard 3996-2019.  Its made up of an arrangement of single Ductile Iron Covers and supported underneath by an engineered system of removable beams, each multi-part system is unique and custom factory-built, disassembled then supplied in kit form along with detailed installation instructions for reassembly on the worksite. 


These covers protect underground areas and services that we all rely on. Common open areas are access to pits, cable services, lighting, storm drain areas, and more. It is a vital component for major and critical projects.

What is the Multi-Part Cover Production Process Like?

Do you need a heavy duty multi-part cover? If you’re like many people in the civil construction industry, you aren’t sure where to start. At Civilcast, we provide the technical advice you need and a custom manufactured cover is designed for your project. Here’s a picture of what we do with our clients.

First, we ask for details that help us design and manufacture the right multi-part access cover for your needs.

Based on the information you provide, our engineering team would develop a proposal and recommendation for the best solution. When you decide on your multi-part access lid, our engineering team will produce shop drawings for a state-of-the-art product that is fit for purpose.

The shop drawings goes through an approval process and once your multi-part cover is is manufactured it is assembled completely in our factory with each part being labeled– you simply follow the drawings and labeled components for easy reassembly on site

How Do I Choose the Right Heavy Duty Multi-Part Access Cover?

The good news is that you aren’t alone. With the right engineering team, you get optimal guidance and technical advice on what direction to take. As mentioned earlier, you will be asked for details about the opening to custom design a multi-part cover to suit your application.

Below are some of the details needed to choose the right cover.

1. What is its opening dimension? We will need to design a cover that will perfectly fit your application. When you know the exact dimensions, we can design the exact cover for the opening.  We’ll provide detailed shop drawings for your approval which will ensure a high quality end result.

2. What is the load class required? There are various needs for underground openings and depending on where they are, you need to know the required weight and load it will be required to withstand. For instance, will large vehicles go over it? Or is it in an uninterrupted area? These are details that are vital for our engineering team.

3. Does it require a concrete infill or solid top? Both are used for different reasons. Our team will talk you through the options based on your project requirement.

4. What kind of chamber is it? This helps the engineering team develop a cover that’s specifically designed for the underground service. For example, is it in situ pour or precast?

Once you know the answers to these questions, we are able to design and purpose manufacture your multi-part cover. When you partner with Civilcast our in-house engineering team, will work through these details with you and they will custom design a product to meet your exact requirements.

Your Most Critical Factor

While designing the right multi-part access cover is critical, the most important thing is the team you choose to make it happen. The right engineering team uses their skills and experience to guide you through the process will purpose design your cover, and manufacture an exceptional product. The wrong one, however, can be a costly mistake.

That’s why investing in the right team is vital to your success.

Are they accessible?

If you need their help, have a question or concern, are they easy to reach? Your team is your partner. You want to make sure they’re accessible and can provide advice you when you need them the most.

Do they respect your vision?

Everyone has unique requirements for their projects. Does the company you’re partnering with understand yours?

Are they transparent?

Is the process confusing? Or you are they responsive making the entire process easy for you?

Are they skilled in what they do?

Make sure the company you partner with has a positive reputation and a strong track record of results.

– – – – –

With this guide, you should be ready to get started on developing the right multi-part access cover for your project. If you have any questions, contact us at Civilcast and we can help.

Civilcast is JAS-ANZ Certified to ISO 9001:2015.

This means our quality, safety, and environmental management systems have been certified to fit the highest of standards. It also means our sales, production, distribution, and design processes are regularly audited.

We are an Australian-owned and operated company that meets Australian manufacturing standards and strives to be the leading provider in the industry


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