Surcharge grates

Galvanised Surcharge Grates are designed for high volume stormwater intake applications, in open parklands, verges and earth canals subject to large volumes of stormwater. Built to last, they’re available in cast in and bolt down options to suit Civilcast’s Stormwater Pits.

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Item Description
Frame Length
Frame Width
Frame Depth
Grate Length
Grate Width
Grate Depth
Clear Opening Length
Clear Opening Width
GT1007 LEL1000×700 Raised Grate/Frame M/D Bolt Down1110810551085785501000700
GT1010 LEL1000×1000 Raised Grate/Frame M/D Bolt Down1110111055108510855010001000
GT1212 LEL1200×1200 Raised Grate/Frame M/D Cast In13101310552×64012905012001200
GT99 LEL900×900 Raised Grate/Frame M/D Cast In101010105599099050900900
GT96 LEL900×600 Raised Grate/Frame M/D Cast In10107105599069050900600
GT66 LEL600×600 Raised Grate/ Frame M/D Cast In7107105569069050600600