Heelguard Drop In Hinged Sump Grate

Civilcast slotted heelguard sump grates are manufactured to fit directly into the rebate of our Civilcast Precast Concrete Pit. Also available encased in concrete, they provide a safe solution in high pedestrian traffic areas.

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Frame Length
Frame Width
Frame Depth
Grate Length
Grate Width
Grate Depth
Clear Opening Length
Clear Opening Width
GTHG44B400×400 Heelguard G/F Class B Hinged5455455042051050440440
GTHG44D400×400 Heelguard G/F Class D Hinged5455455042057075440440
GTHG66B600×600 Heelguard G/F Class B Hinged6906905057066065590590
GTHG66D600×600 Heelguard G/F Class D Hinged6906905057066075590590
GTHG96B900×600 Heelguard G/F Class B Hinged9906905057096065890590
GTHG96D900×600 Heelguard G/F Class D Hinged99069050570960110890590
GTHG99B900X900 Heelguard G/F Class B Hinged9909905087096065890890
GTHG99D900X900 Heelguard G/F Class D Hinged99099050870960110890890