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Galvanised Steel

With years of experience along with offering large stocks and fast lead times, Civilcast has established themselves as a leading supplier in galvanised stainless steel grates for stormwater, drainage and custom galvanised grating to the civil, infrastructure and plumbing industries.
All of our drainage products below are designed to have high slip resistance and edge flat bars which ensure no tipping points.

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Heavy duty galvanised RHS and Weep Holes are installed for directing stormwater from residential properties to
Trench Grates available in Class B and Class D suitable for drainage solutions. Civilcast has an
Civilcast Kerb Entry Gully Grates are manufactured to withstand many years in a busy subdivision the
Designed for durability, the robust construction of the Civilcast V-Grate range provides the ultimate solution for

Our stormwater drainage grate range includes, cast in and drop in hinged grate and frames, sump grates, kerb entry grates, V Grates, surcharge grates, trench grating and more.

If you have custom project requirements, our Estimating team are able to work closely with you to meet your needs. If our existing product range does not meet your specific needs, we are committed to working with you to create a custom solution. This is another part of our dedication to the industry through providing the best possible product and service at all times.


Our range of mild steel grating offers an effective and reliable solution for the following:

  • Industrial Applications
  • Subdivision Allotment Drainage Projects
  • Stormwater Drains
  • And more


The benefits of our range of grating includes:

  • We offer Heelguard & Standard mesh for your safety in pedestrian areas
  • Hinged grates & frames allow for safe access
  • Lockable grates create a safer environment
  • Our grates are designed to fit perfectly with our precast concrete products
  • Slowing and managing water flow to prevent flooding
  • Managing excess runoff
  • Restricting leaf litter and other debris from clogging drain systems
  • We also can provide custom grates to suit your specific project requirements