The importance of ensuring covers and grates comply to Australian Standards.


Stormwater covers and grates are present on all civil construction works. Used extensively in countless infrastructure projects across the nation, the importance of these types of civil construction products is not to be taken lightly. When it comes to grates and covers that are utilised for stormwater drainage for roads, it’s easy to be dismissive […]

All You Need to Know About Headwalls


An effective stormwater drainage system consists of both stormwater pipes and headwalls which provide support and protect the end of the pipe as well as reducing erosion.  You will find headwalls along roadways or walkways.  They can also be found in embankments, subdivisions, parks and other landscaped areas, stormwater drainage, and driveways. At Civilcast, we […]

What to consider when sourcing a Heavy Duty Multi-Part Access Cover


Multi-Part Access Covers, or gatic lids as they’re sometimes known, are an essential part of engineering for safe and thriving communities. As cities and neighborhoods need various underground services, the right infrastructure need to be in place to keep them safe, accessible, and secure. Thankfully, multi-part access covers are designed to make it possible. These […]

Standard and Custom Electrical Pits for Infrastructure Projects


When it comes to running electrical components underground for infrastructure projects, electrical pits will be used in a number of locations such as carparks, streetscapes, industrial sites and airports. Not only do they come in a variety of standard sizes, you can also opt for a custom made solution.  Each project is going to come […]

What Class Grate or Lid Do I Require?


Following on from the question “do I require a grate or lid?” is the question “which grate/lid load rating should I choose?” Put simply, you must choose the right load rating according to Australian standard AS3996-2019. The revised and up-to-date standards can be read online from the Australian Parliament House website or ordered in hardcopy […]

Do I Require a Grate or Lid?


One of the more common questions we receive at Civilcast is “do I require a lid or a grate?” In this blog we will try to answer this question as fully as possible, to help you plan for your current or future construction project. Caveat: as with all things when constructing stormwater and sewage systems, […]

Reinforced Concrete vs Plastic Stormwater Pipes


When it comes to buried stormwater transfer, there are two main options available: plastic stormwater pipes and reinforced concrete (RCP) stormwater pipes. Steel reinforced concrete pipes have been used in Australia for more than a hundred years, while high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are relatively new innovations. Which one do you choose? Determining […]

Tough as Galvanised Mild Steel

Galvanized Mild Steel for Stormwater Grating

At Civilcast we specialise in precast and steel solutions for civil construction projects. We understand that stormwater management is key to getting any project right. Along with all aspects of managing the elements, stormwater grates and frames form an essential part of building or landscaping design. Well-working drains and stormwater grates and frames ensure consistent flow of […]

Civilcast QLD has relocated

Civilcast Yatala QLD

We’re pleased to announce that Civilcast QLD has moved to a larger and better premises in Beenleigh! The new address is: 29 – 31 Frank Heck Close, Beenleigh QLD 4207 With 3,039 sqm of hard stand, this premises will allow us to increase our manufacturing and stock holding capability in order to service the growing […]